My Favorites: Evan Doll of Flipboard

Inside Flipboard / October 22, 2011

This blog series reveals Flipboard readers’ favorite sections, and today our co-founder Evan Doll shares his top 20 must-reads. Flip on to discover Doll’s diverse interests, including the sports team that’s claimed his heart. And feel free to email if you’d like to be the subject of an upcoming edition of My Favorites. Past posts have featured Alice Yoo of My Modern Met and Bailey Richardson of Ugallery.

Evan says:

“I’m addicted to Instagram. I love the way it encourages you to constantly look for interesting moments to share. It’s a social network perfectly suited to Flipboard.

Code and Arsenal are Twitter lists I created specifically with Flipboard in mind. When we first added Twitter integration to app, the potential for Twitter lists blew me away. ‘Code’ is where I follow developers, and Arsenal are the English team I support.

But Does It Float and FFFFound are awesome sources of visual inspiration. I love flipping and finding inspiration when I’m not looking for anything in particular.

New Scientist is a fantastic tech and science publication. It’s my brainfood when I use Flipboard in bed.

I like our New Yorker section, as well as the Twitter list of New Yorker Writers. It’s a magazine of everything they find interesting — it’s great way to see the world through their eyes.

PetaPixel is a great photo blog whether you’re a hardcore DSLR user or an iPhone photographer.

Maria Popova — more than anyone else, she’s the kind of curator for whom Flipboard is a perfect fit. Her prolific Twitter feed becomes an every-changing one-woman magazine.

I love window-shopping on Threadless from Flipboard.

Things Organized Neatly, The Fox Is Black, Grain Edit — these are more go-to sites for visual inspiration.

The Awl, Longreads, and If You Only all point to great articles worth spending time on when you’ve got your iPad at a cafe on Saturday. (And when you want to read articles that you can quote later.)

Laughing Squid curates interesting tech and culture. It’s one of the few sites my mom and I both read and enjoy. We often email Laughing Squid links back and forth.

Flipboard Picks is our curated “best of” feed pointing to content sources you may not have been aware of, adding serendipity to your browsing experience.

Marcos Weskamp is the head of design at Flipboard. I follow him because he shares cool photos, design, architecture and adventure — everything from info visualization to overland travel.

Finally, there’s Hacker News, the paper of record for techie people in Silicon Valley and around the world; one of the few news sources that I visit every day. It’s useful professionally but there’s a lot of fun stuff there, too.”

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