National Journal Brings Beltway Savvy to Flipboard

Inside Flipboard / May 11, 2012

Washington D.C. is a company town: Uncle Sam is the big employer, and politics is the local industry. And much like any other industry, Washington’s political establishment has a magazine that everyone reads to keep tabs on the latest political news, topics and trends. That must-read publication is called National Journal, and today we’re proud to unveil it on Flipboard.

Since its founding in 1969, National Journal has published a scrupulously nonpartisan weekly magazine aimed squarely at Beltway insiders: White House policymakers, Executive Branch bureaucrats, members of Congress, and Capitol Hill staffers. In 2010 National Journal reached a new audience by expanding its online presence to include more articles that appeal to politicians and policy-buffs nationwide. Now that National Journal has come to Flipboard, use it today to track the stories that America’s political leaders will be talking about tomorrow.