On the Red Couch with Bureau of Trade’s Michael Phillips Moskowitz

Inside Flipboard / April 25, 2013


Michael Phillips Moskowitz is not a man who would ever wear sweats. Not even in the privacy of his own home. Not even in the hospital. Moskowitz always lives the exquisite style you’ll find on his site, Bureau of Trade. He would tell you it’s OK to lust after luxury objects—just not any object. The merchandise matters.

The Bureau, as he calls it, sifts through the world’s physical and online marketplaces to identify unique merchandise for men, including vintage watches, clothes, classic cars, furniture, books, records and even taxidermy. This is stuff with a story to tell. Moskowitz calls it “transactional entertainment.”

One of the earliest curators on Flipboard 2.0, Moskowitz recently sat down on the red couch at Flipboard HQ in Palo Alto, near Stanford, where both his parents were professors. He lets us in on how the Bureau team finds gems on places like Craigslist, eBay or in flea markets, where he likes to shop, what he likes to read, and how he might respond to minimalists who decry any attachment to things.

Here’s what Moskowitz loves to read on Flipboard:

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D’Marge: High-end curation of men’s fashion.

Vintage Penguin Books and Other Paperbacks: A collection of vintage paperback goodness from across the Internet.

James Joyce Journal: Dedicated to the late Irish novelist and poet.

Tokyo Fashion: Looking at the latest trends from Japan’s capital.

And don’t forget to check out Moskowitz’s Bureau of Trade and the magazines he’s curating on Flipboard.

Bureau of Trade: A richly curated marketplace of goods for men.

The Orientalist: A magazine that keeps tabs of what’s going on in the Middle East.

The Flaneur: A fashion-forward men’s magazine.