Have you ever wondered about the news across the world? Are you interested in seeing the world from other perspectives? Do you want to enjoy Flipboard in another language? If so, we’ve got you covered! Our Content Guide comes in 25 different regional editions, so that you can see what’s trending in China, read tech news in the U.K., follow the latest from Turkey, and explore cooking ideas from Japan. Our regional editions offer a handpicked selection of quality magazines, newspapers and blogs representing key local voices as well as global media outlets. Most of the guides have a customized New & Noteworthy section, which highlights the best content picked by our editors and features a localized Daily Edition, Flipboard Picks magazine and blog. To switch to a different regional edition and discover more content, tap the search icon and scroll down the New & Noteworthy section. Select “Choose Regional Edition” and then select your preferred region. Changing the region on Flipboard will not alter any of the existing tiles you may have previously saved nor will it change the language you are viewing in the app. (The only way to change your app language is to configure your device to the desired language under settings.) If you need to remove any previously saved sections, go to the following tab (icon of four small boxes), tap on the three dots located on top of any section you wish to remove, and select “Unfollow” to delete it. If you are a global citizen with interests and passions spanning across multiple language and countries, try switching to a different regional edition so you can experience the media and perspectives from around the world. If you discover an exciting magazine from another country, share it with us by tweeting the link to @FlipboardMag. ~CarolF is reading Game of Thrones Season 7