Spotlight: Shivika Sinha, Director, Digital Marketing, ALEX AND ANI

Inside Flipboard / October 19, 2016


My name is Shivika and I’m on a mission to promote mindful consumerism and support business that have an environmental and social impact.

My work specializes in: helping business play a role in alleviating humanity’s greatest social and environmental crisis.

I use Flipboard because: it’s the simplest and most beautiful way to aggregate stories about social entrepreneurship, climate change, humanitarian crises and solutions to the world’s biggest issues.

The purpose of my work is to: reshape the way we do business and how we buy, so that our day-to-day purchases support our planet and its people.

Someone I admire from a different discipline is Vasily Kandinsky because his philosophy explored the link between art and spirituality.

A unique productivity tip of mine is to: utilize my mornings to accomplish work that requires deep focus. I also keep a journal where I align and set goals for my month, week and day.

One issue that needs more attention is: how consumers can impact our planet with their purchases. When conscious businesses make a profit, they set in motion a perpetuating system of positive change.

If I could offer one piece of advice to my younger self, it would be to: know and trust yourself.

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