Storyboards Bring Unique, Curated Points of View to Flipboard

Marci McCue / June 18, 2020

“Curator Pro” opens to publishers, bloggers and verified users today.

Today you may start to see more Storyboards on Flipboard. These short-form collections of articles, videos, podcasts, tweets and really almost anything you can find on the Web provide a deeper look at an issue, event or topic of the day. As you flip through your “For You” feed on Flipboard, you’ll see Storyboards on the topics or from the publishers you follow. They look like this:

“Sharing stories that move us to understanding or action, informing and inspiring people every day, is central to Flipboard’s mission,” said Mike McCue, CEO of Flipboard. “But sometimes, to get the full picture, it’s helpful to have a series of stories that can show a trend, give deeper perspective or provide advice and insights. Storyboards are a powerful new type of curation that lets creators present the bigger picture, a round-up important coverage or even multiple sides to a story.” 

Storyboards are built by publishers and bloggers on Flipboard and are designed to bring you important insights and inspiration; they are also made to share. At the end of every Storyboard is a button for quick sharing via email, text or your preferred social platform. If you like the publisher or person who created that Storyboard, you can follow them (using the red “Follow” button on the Storyboard) to see any future content they curate on Flipboard. You can also discover new Storyboards our editorial team is featuring by going to the Today tab in your Home carousel or the Explore button in the navigation bar. 

Some of the first Storyboards have been created by the Flipboard team, including “Call to Action: Ways You Can Help” and “Camping Gear for the Great Outdoors,” and beta testers, such as The Grio’s “Minneapolis Protests and the Truth About George Floyd,” National Geographic’s “40 Years After the Mount St. Helens Eruption” and Popular Science’s “How To Sleep Better Tonight.” Today, thousands of additional publishers and influencers in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia will be given access to the tools to start creating Storyboards. TL;DR Expect to see a lot more of these on Flipboard in the coming months. 

— Marci is inspired by “The Fight Against Racism” Storyboard by @Reader’sDigest