Completely new to Flipboard? Looking to help a friend explore how Flipboard can boost engagement? Getting started isn’t hard! The following articles explain how to effectively set up your profile, learn how Flipboard Magazines work, get some relevant SEO tips, discover how to drive your readers to your magazines, and how to encourage your readers to add your content to their magazines (for further distribution). It’s a great place to get started.

1. 3 Steps to Creating an Effective Flipboard Profile

3 steps to a strong Flipboard profile First things first, right? Your Flipboard profile is where people get to know you and decide whether to follow you or your magazines. Adhere to these three steps to make your home on Flipboard as compelling and engaging as possible.

2. Getting Started With Flipboard Magazines—A Blogger’s Guide

getting started on Flipboard Flipboard Magazines are visual collections of articles, social posts, photos, videos, GIFs, music and podcasts—almost anything that exists on the Web can be saved and shared in a magazine. Explore how to create, edit, and promote these beautiful packages.

3. Making Flips and Magazines More Noticeable to Readers and Search Engines

Making Flips More Noticeable on Flipboard When you’re dealing with a social magazine that offers thousands of topics scanning 30 million magazines, you have to give a little bit of polish to stand out. Discover how to add useful metadata to your Flipboard Magazines, articles, images, videos and more so Flipboard readers can find what you’re creating.

4. Tips for Driving Readers to Your Flipboard Magazines

Tips for Driving Readers to your Flipboard Magazines Once you’ve discovered the joy of creating Flipboard Magazines, you’re going to want to help your regular blog readers find what you’re curating. Follow these four tips to share your Flipboard content with the readers who know you primarily through your blog.

5. How to Get Your Blog Readers to Flip Your Content

Get Readers to Flip Your Content on Flipboard Increase the chances that the Flipboard community will enjoy your content by helping your fans do their part to share their favorite posts of yours. Here’s how. Do you have any advice to share with bloggers just getting familiar with Flipboard? Share it on Twitter with the #FlipBlogger hashtag. ~kikarose is curating Great Blog Posts