Earth Week coincided with a general feeling (in most of the northern hemisphere, anyway) that perhaps summer will happen after all. And while the final act of the Boston Bombings tragedy continued to dominate the news cycle, by week’s end, earthlings were back to relishing the blue planet. Here are a few magazines we found last week that we loved:

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[earth]: by Kris Phan, celebrates the world around us in pictures.
Buoyant: by Terry Porter, also a picture magazine, is a moody collection of seascapes.
The Wonderful World of Dance: about the magic of movement.
Tiny Houses: by ruthgruett uncovers the booming world of living small.
Salad ballad: by Poonammaj is a collection of awesome salad recipes.
CoffeeGeek’ery: by Mark Prince curates all things related to humankind’s favorite beverage. Got a magazine we should know about? Share it with us at ~JoshQ /flipboard @flipboard +flipboard