The Week in Review: When We Made Beautiful Music

Inside Flipboard / May 3, 2013

Something about the time of year—the crispness of the air, perhaps, or maybe the stirring sight of the world reawakening around us, and stretching, trying to grow—makes us want to go out and try new things. You’re probably feeling it, too: We noticed a lot of great magazines last week focused on the how-to-do-it aspect of music. Here are a half dozen that inspired us:

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0101Music1010: by Mario Armstrong culls articles about all aspects of digital music, including apps and streaming services.

Guitar Lessons: by Jay Green offers how-to videos, tabs and articles aimed at burgeoning Jimi Hendrixes.

Flipboard Piano: by Mispianadas is for people who love playing the piano.

iOS Mobile Music: by Joan Lanzagorta covers apps for making music on iPads, iPods and iPhones.

Home Studio Recording: by Joey Townsend is for home studio musicians.

Singing: User janetmunro59 offers inspirational and instructive articles about the human vocal instrument.

Synth Explosion: by Califaudio concerns itself with analog, digital, modular, synthesizer music and noise.

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