This Week’s Picks for January 14, 2011

Inside Flipboard / January 14, 2011

We hope your new year is off to a fantastic start. Though this is being written in sunny, if a bit chilly Palo Alto, we know that most of the country is snowed in. So, we wanted to send you some new feeds to keep you entertained while sipping hot cocoa and enjoying your winter wonderland from the comfort of your favorite, cozy chair. Would you like a blanket, too?

For a life gone digital.

Limited editions prints by the best living artists.

Top stories, special features, live blogs and more from The Guardian

Here's what Fortune is hearing, seeing, reading and writing.

This American Life, Studio 360, The World, The Takeaway, and more

Photo Jojo: We make photography (more) awesome!

Add a section for Art We Love for a nice dash of culture on your Flipboard.

CNET is an excellent resource for all things related to technology.

Fortune Magazine should need no introduction, it’s one of the key business publications. The Fortune 500 list of companies is one of the leading indicators of our economy. It’s essential.

The Guardian is one of the UK’s leading news sources. We’re pleased to add them to Flipboard for our international readers. Plus, it is excellent to get a perspective on world events from the “other side of the pond.”

PRI – Public Radio International is home to many long-standing radio shows such as This American Life, Studio 360, The World, The Takeaway, and more.

Not only is it fun to say Photo Jojo but it is also a beautiful source of great photography.

Enjoy the latest feeds. Remember, if you don’t see what you are personally interested in with this batch, we have plenty more feeds in our categories. Also, you can search for and create your own sections by going to your Content page, tapping an empty tile and “Add a Custom Section”.


~ JonV