This Week’s Picks – November 12

Inside Flipboard / November 12, 2010

Wow, is it the weekend again already? Fantastic! This means more new feeds to fill up your Flipboard.

CNN Breaking News brings all the latest headlines right to your fingertips.

Delicious Hotlist gives you updates with all the most active links from the social linking service Delicious. This is a fun way to discover quality content from around the web.

Breaking News on CNN

The most popular public bookmarks on right now.

Get creative solutions to everyday dilemmas in 15 seconds or less!

Mac Stories - news and info on all things Apple.

All the latest Sephora news, tips, and deals.

Howcast Quick Tips brings your incredibly helpful tips about all kinds of everyday problems you might encounter, all in super short bite-sized videos with new videos posted every day.

Mac Stories is a great source of news and info on all things Apple.

With the holidays coming, Sephora is an excellent source of fashion ideas and inspiration, it’s full of excellent tips and recommendations.

Also, I highly recommend you “paw” through our Interview with NJ Wight the excellent wildlife and nature photographer we feature in FlipPhotos. This is a cool story if you are into photography or ever considered changing careers and pursuing your dream.

Have a great weekend,

~ JonV