Flipping posts, videos, images and more into Flipboard Magazines allows bloggers to show off passions that reach far beyond what’s covered on their blog’s niche. For instance, a food blogger can show her audience that she is also passionate about homesteading or a music blogger can share a passion for party planning. The challenge then lies in guiding regular blog readers to this extension of the blogger’s interests. Follow the following tips and you should have that covered.

1) Embed magazines in your sidebar

Once a magazine contains enough content for you to want to drive traffic to it, then we highly recommend embedding it in your sidebar. Follow the steps to get the HTML code and then follow your blog template’s guidelines to have it appear where you’d like your readers to see it. Your readers will see the cover image for your magazine and the title, so make sure you’ve picked a compelling one! Flipboard Magazines embeded on site  

2) Embed your magazines in your email footer

Most email services have the option to craft an email signature that will be shared every time you send an email. A great way to drive new eyes to your Flipboard Magazines is to embed the ones with the broadest appeal into your email signature. If your email service allows for HTML embeds, then follow the same steps as you followed above to get the magazine embed code. If not, you can always upload an image of the magazine and hyperlink it to the corresponding URL or just link to text like I did below. Flipboard Magazine in email footer

3) Share your magazines on your social channels

Another great place to grab the attention of your audience members is on your social media channels. To share a magazine, simply open one up and, from the web, click the “share” button that you’ll find below the cover image. (On the app, click the standard share button and follow the appropriate steps.) Sharing a Flipboard Magazine Click “Share to Facebook” or “Share to Twitter” and in just a click of a button, your magazine has found new readers. great-blog-posts-fb-share  

4) Share magazines at the bottom of relevant posts

Even if you’re interested in driving your blog readers to Flipboard Magazines that might not perfectly match your usual niche, you might find that certain posts lend themselves well to cross promotion. If that’s the case, consider embedding the relevant magazines at the bottom of the post or inserting a text link to the magazine. mag-embeded-on-post Have another way you drive readers to your Flipboard magazines? Share your tips on Twitter with the #FlipBlogger hashtag. ~JessicaR is reading Tech Kids