Tune Your Topics: Personalize Any Flipboard Topic Just For You

Marci McCue / July 2, 2021

Reading about cooking, but really want Keto recipes?

Catching up on sports, but mostly interested in the SF Giants

Browsing travel stories, but passionate about camping and hiking

Now, on Flipboard, you can personalize any topic, making the content just what you want. For example, you might want your Cooking feed to be about vegan, Indian and salads while someone else wants baking, breads and desserts. With personalization coming to every topic you follow, it’s easy to get exactly what you want on Flipboard.

Starting today, when you follow a topic on Flipboard you’ll be offered a “personalization card” to create a custom feed that reflects your interests — for example, Health can be customized to be about mindfulness and sleep, or Space can be about space exploration and SpaceX. 

After you follow a topic you can always adjust your preferences. When you go to the topic you follow, you will see a “tune” icon (for iOS the icon is in the lower right corner of the screen and for Android the “tune” icon is in the top right). This small but powerful feature lets you shape the algorithms around your personal interests and more finely control the content you get on Flipboard.

Try it yourself:

  1. Find a topic you’re interested in by using the search (magnifying glass icon) feature on Flipboard and typing in a topic.
  2. When you see the #topic you’re looking for, select it. 
  3. Tap the “follow” button and a list of related topics will slide up, letting you refine the topic around your interests (select from the ones presented or use the search bar to find more).
  4. Select the related topics you’d like to see more of, tap done, and Flipboard will build your new personalized topic feed.
  5. At the end you’ll be prompted to add your new personalized topic to your Home carousel, giving you quick access to your favorite stories right from the top of your Flipboard.

There are tens of thousands of topics on Flipboard. Some of the most popular topics to personalize are News, Technology, Sports and Science. Find your favorite topic and try it out!

Happy flipping,

Marci McCue, head of content and communications, has personalized her NBA feed to be about the Warriors and SteveKerr.