Events can take forever to prepare, but then happen in the snap of a finger. You’re left with just the memories and a few photos on your cell phone. Whether you’re going to a blogging event, a friend’s wedding or a family trip, you can use Flipboard to create a stunning magazine that will allow you to relive your memories again and again. You can use Flipboard to prepare for your events and, when everything is over, to go back and curate the moments you want to be sure to remember.

1. Collect Photos

It’s easy to add photos from your phone to a Flipboard Magazine. Open the photo and tap the share button and the Flipboard icon. You can add a note and then select which magazine to add it to. Create a group magazine for your event so that friends can also share pictures!

2. Flip Tweets

Depending on the event you’re attending, there might be some heavy social media action going on. Save the best of the tweets or Instagram photos by flipping them into your event magazine. If you’re following the Twitter event hashtag on Flipboard, it’s easy to flip a tweet or an Instagram image into a magazine. But even if you’re not, you can add a tweet from Twitter. Click the little down arrow then select “Share Tweet via…” and select Flipboard.

3. Add Videos

Any video uploaded to YouTube can be flipped into a Flipboard Magazine. Interview people attending the event. Shoot video of key moments. Make a video collage of the best photos. It’ll all pop beautifully in your event Magazine. The #FlipBlogger team shot videos of interviews of Type-A West attendees and shared them in the Type-A West Magazine. It made for fun memories for everyone!

4. Write Notes About the Event

Are there certain moments you want to remember? Quotes you want to immortalize? The Flipboard compose feature is the perfect tool for adding those little extra touches to your magazine. Notes are a handy way to stitch together the details of the event so that anyone flipping through your magazine can get the full picture.

5. Curate Recap Posts

Even when it’s over, it’s not always over for bloggers. Event recap posts can emerge a few weeks after everyone goes home. Curate the ones that really resonate with you to round out your magazine. Every event is unique; it’s up to you to make your magazine equally original. Let yourself be creative and have fun with it. Then, enjoy sharing your event recap magazine far and wide. Don’t forget to share it with us on Twitter with the #FlipBlogger hashtag. ~JessicaR is curating Great Blog Posts.