Vote for Flipboard Panels at SXSW

Inside Flipboard / August 30, 2011

This March we’ll be heading back to SXSW along with our signature red couches. For now, we’re focused on SXSW’s PanelPicker, a two-step system that gives attendees a significant voice in programming the conference’s activities. In the first step, participants suggested panels they’d like to see at the event. Next is the voting phase and this is where we’d love your help.

The panel proposals below feature Flipboard and the team. If you like the ideas, please log in to your SXSW account and give each session a thumbs up to help make them a reality at this year’s SXSW. Voting closes this Friday, September 2, at 11:59 PM CST. Thanks so much!

1) Designer Craig Mod is organizing “Designing for the Device.” He’ll be speaking about how design changes depending on its place and purpose, the importance of context, and the shape of information in today’s streams.

2) Developer Charles Ying is behind “Best Practices: Native + Web Hybrid Mobile Apps.” Attendants will learn the ins and outs of HTML5 — in native apps and starting from scratch. Charles will also be talking about WebKit, JavaScriptCore, and other graphics details. This presentation on emerging technology is perfect for developers looking to create a beautiful product.

3) Editorial Director Josh Quittner is participating in “Two Years Later: Content Evolution for the Tablet.” Joining representatives from Conde Nast, Edelman, Next Issue Media, and Meredith National Media, Josh will be speaking about how the publishing industry has been collaborating with tablets and how it will expand in the future. The panel also includes discussions on interactive content, device-specific design, and personalization of the magazine experience.

4) Communicator Christel van der Boom is part of “Once & Future King: Can Syndication Save Content?” featuring panelists from Free Range Content, ALL MEDIA, and the AP. Key questions will include: How can publishing survive in the modern age? What needs to be changed about syndication? How can we overcome obstacles between distributors and publishers?

5) Curator Mia Quagliarello is participating in “The Curators and the Curated” along with panelists from The Atlantic, Brain Pickings, Longform, and Slate. The discussion will focus on the relationship between creators and curators, the ethics and methods of curation, and the role money plays in all this.