Witness W’s World of Style, Tailored for Flipboard

Inside Flipboard / October 19, 2011

W magazine is hard to miss at the newsstand: its over-sized format is big, the photos are beautiful, and the covers are so striking they deserve their own hall of fame.

Now imagine recreating that immersive gorgeousness on your iPad. It’s easy to do, because as of today, W’s award-winning coverage of fashion, art, beauty, jewelry, design, cinema, music, technology, politics, and travel has come to Flipboard. W’s myriad photo galleries make an excellent foil for the magazine’s highly visual, high-concept editorial, like this unique collaboration with the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei or these fake ads from Steven Meisel. Even when photos are scarce, the editorial doesn’t disappoint: this essay by Dominique Browning, for example, is a wonderfully written piece about the psychology of personal style.

Tap the image to enter W’s sophisticated world of style: