Women on the Verge of a Glorious Touchdown: espnW Comes to Flipboard

Inside Flipboard / December 18, 2012

Between 35% and 45% of the people who watch professional sports are women. For you, today we’re launching a Flipboard-optimized version of espnW, a site for female sports fans. With extensive news coverage of women’s college and professional sports teams, as well as video clips and commentary, espnW’s goal is to be the place for women’s sports.

The idea of media focused on the intersection of women and sports isn’t new, but most publications have failed; some because they pandered, others because they were too separationist. ESPN quietly launched W a few years ago as a Twitter account and Facebook page, to test the waters and build an audience. Then, in the the fall of 2010, it launched a full-fledged website, complete with espnW commentators and its own collection of blogs. The site has been a hit—with men as well as women.

You can see its Flipboard incarnation by tapping the badge below.

Click here to open espnW on Flipboard.