Advertising On Flipboard Comes To Life With Launch Of Video

Eight Marquee Brands First to Launch Campaigns on Flipboard: The Chrysler Brand, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Gucci, Jack Daniels, Lufthansa, Principal Financial Group, Sony Pictures’ Fury and Woodford Reserve


Today Flipboard goes live with video advertising built into the full-page mobile ad experience, pioneered by the company three years ago. Launching today with eight marquee brands including Gucci, Sony Pictures’ action drama Fury, Lufthansa and the Chrysler brand, the element of video brings interactivity and a deeper brand moment to their already beautiful campaigns on the popular personal magazine app Flipboard.

Now, video is the newest form of interaction that brands can add to their full-page advertisements on Flipboard, in addition to existing options such as Brand Magazines, landing pages and shopping experiences. Each ad with video has a play-button; when a reader taps on it, a video will play full screen and with audio. For brands, this is a way to create a more engaging experience for consumers as well as an opportunity to broaden the reach for their existing video assets such as TV commercials, online videos and movie trailers.

The Chrysler brand, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Gucci, Jack Daniels, Lufthansa, Principal Financial Group, Sony Pictures’ action drama Fury, in theaters October 17th, and Woodford Reserve are the first brands that will include video in their full-page ads as part of a pilot that kicks off on September 15.

“Flipboard beautifully blends the power of video, the reach of mobile and a beautiful environment, providing the perfect context for Woodford Reserve’s advertising,” said Jason Kempf, Woodford Reserve brand director. “The addition of video elevates the impact and engagement of our brand on Flipboard.”

“For our current campaign, which is highlighting that Lufthansa strives to engineer the travel experience around each passenger, we were looking for innovative ways how media placements can also be engineered around the consumer,” said Lufthansa’s Head of Marketing the Americas, Florian Gmeiner. “Our long-time media agency Mindshare presented us with Flipboard as a perfect solution, offering a beautiful, visual environment in a mobile context that empowers it’s users to experience a richer, more vivid and more engaging story within Flipboard itself.”

“Study after study shows the enormous growth of video on mobile devices, and that video shows strong consumer engagement,” said Christine Cook, head of advertising at Flipboard. “This trend makes mobile video advertising critical for brands and is the perfect time for Flipboard to offer it to our advertisers.”

Sony Pictures will be debuting exclusive content for the upcoming movie Fury, starring Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena and Jon Bernthal.  Written and directed by David Ayer, the film is produced by Bill Block, David Ayer, Ethan SmChriith, and John Lesher. The executive producers are Brad Pitt, Sasha Shapiro, Anton Lessine, Alex Ott, and Ben Waisbren.

During the pilot, which starts today, full-page ads with video will run in popular sections such as News, Sports, Travel and Entertainment. Flipboard plans wider roll-out of the program on November 1, 2014. For brands that want to include video in their ads there is a minimum for a campaign but no additional charge.


Examples of full-page ads with video button: Gucci and Sony Pictures’ Fury.