Flipboard Deepens Editorial Collaborations With Publishers

Exclusive Curation Around Major Events From Axios, CNET, E!, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, PEOPLE and Others

Palo Alto, Calif., January 5, 2018 — Flipboard, a curated platform for people around the world, will more deeply integrate original stories and curated content from publishers into its editorial programs in 2018. Readers will see the first editorial collaborations in January around the Golden Globe Awards, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the Academy Awards.

The company’s News Desk will kick off the year by collaborating with E! to provide expertly curated content from the red carpet at the 75th Golden Globe Awards on January 7, 2018. Flipboard’s coverage of CES a few days later will include special curation from CNET and Digital Trends. For Flipboard’s editorial curation around the Academy Awards, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY will contribute content around the winners and losers, while PEOPLE will provide up-to-the-minute fashion coverage.

Most editorial collaborations in 2018 will take place around major events, breaking news, publisher initiatives and significant editorial themes. The company’s News Desk is working closely with editors at a wide variety of publishers to provide readers with the highest quality stories and interesting perspectives through curation, a valuable attribute of Flipboard’s platform.

“For 90 percent of our audience it is important to be well-informed, according to Global Web Index. Working closely with some of the world’s best publishers ensures people are presented with high quality stories,” said Gabriella Schwarz, Flipboard’s managing editor. “We also believe there’s power in the package—that a thematic grouping of stories is more powerful than a single story. It’s that curation that provides depth, analysis and information to our readers.”

Motivated by an increase in referral traffic from Flipboard, publishers are increasingly using the platform to make their stories discoverable for relevant audiences through curation. For instance, TIME collected its health related stories in a Flipboard Magazine. NBC News marked one year since Trump’s election with this package. The Wall Street Journal curated their deep dive on the state of women in the workplace and Axios curated around The Tax Fight on Capitol Hill and the latest in the Russia investigation that led to Michael Flynn’s guilty plea. Flipboard’s editorial team will run a pilot with exclusive content from Axios in the first quarter of 2018.

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