Flipboard Designs Popular Editorial Franchises For Next Generation Storytelling

“The Daily Edition,” “10 for Today,” “Vote 2018”, “The Culturist” and  “The Insight” Showcase Flipboard Curation In New Environment


Palo Alto, Calif.—Tuesday, September 25, 2018—Today Flipboard rolled out a new storytelling experience for its most popular destinations. Using custom layouts and designs, “The Daily Edition,” “10 for Today,” “Vote 2018,” “The Culturist” and “The Insight” are the first editorial franchises that showcase the future of storytelling on the Flipboard platform. Each editorially curated franchise is filled with articles and videos that take the audience on a journey, with a beginning, middle and an end, helping people browse topics they care about and discover stories they otherwise might have missed in the daily deluge of content.

Flipboard has built one of the world’s most popular mobile destinations for people’s interests, covering major events, cultural trends and popular topics, particularly in news, technology, sports, and lifestyle categories, which has deepened the company’s partnerships with a wide array of publishers. As a result, these five franchises include contributions from category-leading publishers that bring a unique perspective or depth to a topic. These publisher feature sections also drive value to the publisher through increased traffic and new audience exposure.

“We believe that curation is at its best when it represents a point of view, and we want to be a platform for diverse perspectives that enables the world to tell its best stories,” said Kal Amin, Flipboard’s president and chief operating officer. “The new approach to storytelling in these editorially curated experiences showcases the diversity of content on Flipboard.”

Each of the franchises has its own brand design and aesthetic to express its unique voice and tone, representing its ethos. Inside, the new layouts are built on a bold black background with a hero image and a description of the collection. With a beginning, middle and end, stories are organized into sections, letting people quickly dive in and navigate to the most interesting or important topics.

Additionally, the editorial franchises give brands a way to reach audiences with very specific passions–from culture to politics. With an exclusive sponsorship space to associate with quality, editorially curated stories, brands have a place to connect with influential audiences in a beautifully designed, brand-safe environment.

Vote 2018: Get informed, get involved

Vote 2018 breaks down the elections into the biggest themes so it’s easy to get caught up on the news, dive deep and explore opinions from different sides of the political spectrum. The sections have been created with a narrative arc in mind so that readers are fully informed and ready to take action.

In addition to sections on the politics, the candidates, the ads, the numbers, and the analysis, there are dedicated sections from partners such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Axios, adding diverse, expert voices to the franchise.

The Culturist: Take a walk on the cooler side

The cultural pulse on Flipboard lives in The Culturist. This newly-created destination is an essential guide to what to stream on a night in, which podcasts should accompany you to work, the mixes you can’t miss, and art that’s making an impact.

New colorful imagery breathes fresh air into this franchise, which is updated on Tuesdays and Saturdays with what to watch, listen to, and talk about. An accompanying email will ensure users never miss a beat.  

The Daily Edition: What’s happening today

The Daily Edition is a pillar of Flipboard’s news curation, offering a rundown of the biggest stories of the day, carefully curated 24/7 by our global News Desk. With dedicated sections on news, business, tech, sports and celebrity news, among others, this franchise ensures its audience is fully prepared for the day ahead.

10 For Today: Feeding curious minds

WITH millions of people reading 10 For Today in their email inbox, this series of 10 stories is now a beautiful collection. It is essential reading for anyone who strives to expand their worldview and be better in work, life, and play. This franchise highlights great storytelling, the kind that has led to breakthroughs and advancements, changed our politics and views on society, and just made us laugh. The tone and aesthetic treatment for 10 For Today reflect the curiosity and serendipity that’s core to the franchise.

The Insight: Advertising industry news, data and inspiration 

The Insight is an industry-focused destination for advertising and media professionals looking for the latest trends and ideas shaping their work. Flipboard’s editorial team and in-house experts curate the best stories and perspectives from a range of sources. The Insight is also the home for audience insights from Flipboard’s Data Science Team.

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Five editorially curated franchises showcase the future of storytelling on Flipboard: The Culturist, The Daily Edition, Vote 2018, 10 for Today, and The Insight.