Flipboard Launches “Big Ideas” Section: For Big Thinking And Great Causes

With UNICEF, Charity:Water, Larry King Cardiac Foundation and Many Others
Exclusive Interview With Larry King about his Cardiac Foundation kicks off Flipboard’s new content category
July 23rd, 2013  •  Palo Alto, Calif.

Today, “Big Ideas” launches on Flipboard, giving readers access to a brand new set of content ranging from eradicating poverty to fighting for human rights to protecting the environment. This new category in the Flipboard Content Guide celebrates innovative ideas, great speeches, industry thought leaders and inspirational organizations. The Flipboard team worked closely with nearly 20 nonprofits, including The ONE Campaign, World Wildlife Fund and Global Fund for Children, to create new topic-based sections, from Food for All to Children’s Causes. The nonprofit organizations involved have also created custom magazines, using Flipboard’s platform to reach millions of people on mobile devices.

For the launch of “Big Ideas” the Larry King Cardiac Foundation created a magazine on healthy living; Direct Relief curated a magazine on humanitarian innovation; Free the Children focuses its magazine on clean water stories from across the globe; Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is raising awareness of the work the organization is doing in Syria, and UNICEF curated a magazine focused on child labor around the world.

Readers can easily find the topics they care about in the Content Guide by tapping on the red ribbon inside Flipboard; then select the new category called “Big Ideas.” The nonprofit organizations will have links to their magazines on their websites, making it easy to start reading these custom Flipboard magazines from any desktop, a new capability the company launched today.

“As people increasingly access news from their smartphones and tablets we want to give these great causes a mobile presence,” said Mia Quagliarello, Flipboard’s head of curation, who spoke with Larry King and his wife Shawn King in an exclusive interview.

“Our mission is to save hearts. Flipboard is a fantastic and fun platform to share stories about how to lead a heart healthy life. Whether it’s highlighting a recipe or celebrating a community activist, we hope the magazines shine a light on how to be a heart star,” said Larry King, founder of Larry King Cardiac Foundation.

The full exclusive interview with Larry and Shawn King is available: part onepart two.

Examples of magazines curated by nonprofits in Big Ideas:

Child Labor by UNICEF USA
The Syrian Crisis by Doctors Without Borders USA
Lx : Larry King’s Stars of Heart Health by Larry King Cardiac Foundation
Dare to Dream by The Global Fund for Children
Life. Empowered. by ONE