Flipboard launches new, verified profiles for publishers, turns on “End Cards” for greater content discovery

New “End Cards” Drive 15 Percent Of People to Read More Publisher Content

DECEMBER 17, 2015 — PALO ALTO, Calif.— Today, Flipboard gives its publisher partners new profile pages, creating a single destination for their stories, news feeds and custom Flipboard Magazines. Each publisher profile shows follower stats and will be verified with a red check mark, helping surface their profile page in search and giving Flipboard users a way to quickly recognize the source they are looking for. Verification of Flipboard profiles will roll out today starting with hundreds of publishers and brands that are on the platform already, and will be an ongoing program.

Also new for publisher partners are Flipboard End Cards, which appear after articles. People who read stories from publisher partners in their home feed will find three to five related stories in an End Card placed after the article. The recommended stories are selected by Flipboard’s trending algorithms and topic engine. When reading a specific publisher section on Flipboard, the recommended stories in the End Card will all be other stories by that same publisher, giving the publication an opportunity to bring the reader to more of its content. Initial tests of the new End Cards has shown that 15 percent of readers who see an End Card continue on and open another story.

In addition to unifying publisher content into a single profile, Flipboard is making it easier for publishers to monetize and monitor their Flipboard presence. For the past few years, Flipboard has worked with publishers to sell advertising into their content sections on Flipboard. Beginning this quarter, Flipboard is rolling out an integration with DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) that will allow publishers to create and manage ad campaigns on Flipboard using the same familiar DFP tools they use to manage campaigns across all of their digital properties.


Flipboard also gives publishers a broader range of analytics through integration with Google Analytics. For the first time, publishers on Flipboard can see traffic to their content from the Flipboard mobile apps via Google Analytics. Additionally, publishers that use comScore can now include their Flipboard in-app audience as part of their comScore account and access analytics on their Flipboard traffic in the same way they track traffic from other sources.

For publishers that want to drive more sharing of their content to Flipboard readers, there are new content sharing buttons that can be embedded in websites, letting anyone add stories from that publisher into their Flipboard. For publishers to grow their audience on Flipboard, there is also a Follow Button for Publishers to link people to their profile page on Flipboard. All of these tools can be found at about.flipboard.com/tools and they are also available through the commonly used web tools AddThis and ShareThis.