Flipboard has always prioritized high-quality content and treated publishers with respect. Now, of course, the world is much wider than that. Anyone can be a creator and sometimes the most influential voices are just that — independent writers, video creators, podcasters, journalists, marketers, tastemakers, and more.

Because Flipboard contains a rich topic ecosystem — 30,000 on everything from #architecture to #zoology — there is a natural distribution network of people interested in the very things you create content about.  

Join the Flipboard creator community to tap into that ecosystem, find and grow an audience, fuel your creative process, and potentially earn money via sponsorships, residencies and the promotion of projects that matter to you. 

Who is eligible 

People looking to find an audience for their content, particularly small and mid-size creators who publish high-quality, original content and want to be better known in their areas of expertise. 

Qualified candidates will:

– be an expert in their domain, either from education or experience
– will publish regularly (at least once per week) to their own blog, newsletter, YouTube channel, podcast, etc.
– have a minimum of 1,000 followers on at least one social channel
– have set up a Flipboard account with a photo, short bio and at least one Magazine with at least 25 items

Every creator who applies to the Flipboard creator community will be added to our quarterly mailing list containing tips to be successful on Flipboard, early betas, invites to Flipboard-hosted events, and more.

The Creator Collective

A subset of our creator community applicants will be hand-picked to join the Flipboard Creator Collective. Members of the Creator Collective are treated like publishers on our platform and are eligible to participate in editorial opportunities and the programs outlined below. Together, these programs represent nearly $200K in value every month to creator initiatives.

  • Newsletter Takeover Program: Experts in food, travel, photography, personal finance, climate and tech bring their voices to some of our largest newsletters as guest curators. Guest curators benefit by being able to drive traffic to their own links, showcase upcoming projects, and solicit followers.
  • Promoted Stories Program: Flipboard gifts inventory within newsletters and in-app, in relevant verticals, to creator initiatives such as newsletter signups, courses and books.
  • Residency Program: For a monthly stipend, a creator comes in-house to curate around, build community within, and consult on their topic of expertise. Residencies run three to six months to ensure a plurality of voices. 
  • Sponsor Referral Program: Creators can recruit their favorite brands to advertise on Flipboard and keep 100% of the revenue from the first campaign. Plus, if that advertiser renews, get a one-time $5,000 bonus. It’s a great way to amplify a brand relationship you already have. 
  • Red Check Verification: People in the Flipboard Creator Collective are eligible for verification at no charge. The red check helps to confirm someone’s authentic presence on Flipboard and signifies that the person is a trusted creator within our network.
  • Join Us in the Fediverse: Flipboard has established an instance on Mastodon to take a major role in the unbundling of social media. If you believe in a democratized social media landscape, where the usual gatekeepers are no longer in charge, and you want to bring Flipboard values like high-quality content, beautiful design and intentional communities into this brave new future, please join us in the Fediverse at flipboard.social. This is an invite-only environment where the best of Flipboard meets the best of the Fediverse for a more open and evolved experience. 

How to apply

Ready to get going? Apply here. It’s free to participate and all creators are welcome to apply. Everyone who applies will be added to our mailing list with essential creator news from Flipboard. The application helps us get to know who you are.

For acceptance into the Creator Collective, please expect up to four weeks for our team to review applications. You’ll hear back from us with next steps if you’ve been accepted. If you don’t hear back from us, you are welcome to email creators@flipboard.com to check on the status of your application.

We expect to accept a limited number of new creators every month. We are a small team and this is a manual, vetted process. Thanks in advance for your patience!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy curating Magazines to share your content and voice with the Flipboard community. 


— Mia Q, head of creator community, is excited to learn more about your work and feature it at @creators