The YouTube Creator’s Guide to Flipboard

Mia Quagliarello / December 13, 2021

You work hard on your videos, so your videos should work hard for you. Enter Flipboard. Using it in tandem with YouTube can mean access to new audiences as well as greater distribution, storytelling capabilities, and inspiration for your next masterpiece. 

Here are five ways YouTube creators can leverage Flipboard:

1. Get your videos in front of a high-quality audience 

People come to Flipboard in the mood to learn and better themselves. Whether catching up on the day’s headlines or going deep on their hobbies and interests, people personalize Flipboard by following topics that they care about. Major topics — like technology, travel and photography — already have huge followings, but even the smaller ones have niche communities. That means if our algorithm picks your video to surface in a relevant topic, it could be seen by an audience that’s already captive. 

2. Create visually appealing show notes 

Use Flipboard to create show notes — an attractive collection of links that your video references or that informed the video. For an example, check out photographer Tyler Stalman’s show notes for a video he did about the Canon C70 camera, with his video as the hero item and relevant content listed underneath. Doesn’t it look sooo much better than a straight-up link list?! And it’s easily shareable, too. 

To be able to create show notes on Flipboard, you’ll need access to our Storyboard tool. It’s currently in private beta but we’d love for you to try it out. Request access by emailing your YouTube channel URL to 

3. Package your video with other content

One of the cool things about Flipboard is that, unlike YouTube, it’s not just videos. Which means you can package your video with supplemental content that can provide color and depth to your creation. Maybe you are also a blogger or the host of a podcast. Or you want to re-distribute older content and try to get it some more views. Flipboard can bring all these elements together into one appealing package that can be easily shared on and off platform. For example, in “Camera Basics Explained,” photographer Tyler Stalman packages his video about shutter speed and ISO with other instructional pieces to drive the points home. And in “Insert Scary Inflation Headline Here,” see how Money senior editor Julia Glum uses a YouTube video to provide a quick primer for the story she’s telling about inflation. 

4. Generate ideas for your next video and keep up on your industry

As we mentioned earlier, Flipboard can be personalized to your interests so you never miss an important development in your area of expertise. Reading Flipboard regularly can be an effective idea generator for future videos or your creative process, not to mention keeping you apprised of industry news. There are several excellent Magazines that curate on the creator economy, including “Creators and Influencers,” “Creator Economy: Coins and Tokens Monetization” and “The Latest in Creator News.”

5. Save important stories and inspiration with your team

If you have a team that helps you produce your videos, sharing articles, videos, podcasts, notes, music — anything! — in a group magazine is a nice way to keep each other in the loop. You also won’t have to worry about these shares getting lost in a deluge of texts or Slack messages; when you’re ready to focus, all these stories will be waiting for you in one digital magazine

We hope these tips help you see how Flipboard can be additive to your YouTube strategy. Give ‘’em a whirl, and let us know what you think! 

— Mia Quagliarello, head of creator community and newsletters, is curating “Sunday Reads