Curating Current Events for any Classroom

Christel van der Boom / October 21, 2020

Many teachers use current events to bring perspective to history lessons, learn a language, demonstrate science in action, or understand cultural and social issues. With a Flipboard Magazine, students and teachers can easily collect articles and videos from across the web, and instantly have a terrific package of reading material for in the classroom.

Today, teachers around the world are using Flipboard to collect stories into Flipboard Magazines about the issues that affect our lives today — everything from scientific breakthroughs and trade wars, to voting and racial justice protests. These collections give students a way to explore articles on their own as a homework assignment or as a form of asynchronous learning. The magazines can also serve as a reference or to support classroom discussions.

Here are some great examples of educators curating stories about current events in support of classes they teach. Just tap or click on them to take a look at the type of stories inside of each. 

Anyone can start a Flipboard Magazine on any topic. If you are an educator and want to start curating, check out Curation 101: Building Your First Flipboard Magazine for School

For more examples, check out our FlipEDU account, which highlights curation by educators, faculty, students and schools. If you would like us to include your Flipboard Magazine, please share what you’ve created on social media, or email us at

—Christel van der Boom, Flipboard’s head of communications, is co-curating International Safe Zone