3 Flipboard Magazines to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Jessica Jordan / April 19, 2021

Summer is just around the corner and there are signs that the world is reopening (although slowly). After the year we’ve all been through, it’s refreshing to start thinking about travel again, and to look for inspiration for where to go.

From hiking adventures and island getaways to planning a dream vacation to Portugal, these Group Magazines share travel stories and destinations. We hope they inspire you to think about where your next adventure will take you and to create your own Group Magazine with your favorite traveling companion. 

For outdoor lovers, we are sure this collection curated by 33andFree and more than 90 outdoor enthusiasts will give you plenty of ideas for your next adventure. Even if you don’t have a trip in mind, gazing at beautiful landscapes that range from Patagonia to Glacier National Park is good for the soul. 

Go With Talia and more than 30 travel writers explore destinations from the sandy beaches of Turks and Caicos to the cobblestoned streets of Barcelona in this Group Magazine. There is a dream for everyone in this collection. 

Here, Janette Speyer shares travel ideas for a post-COVID getaway with her husband. In addition to providing a beautiful armchair adventure, it is a great example of how you can use Group Magazines as a tool to plan a vacation and invite your favorite traveling companion to join along in the fun.

Looking for more travel inspiration? Check out Where to Go by Flipboard’s The Culture Desk and follow the Travel topic for ideas for your next adventure. 

— Jessica Jordan is curating Dreaming of Italy