“Evergreen,” let’s be honest, is really just a glorified word for “search-optimized”: Content that will drive traffic from search engines all year ’round. But with Flipboard, your brand’s evergreen content isn’t just a query result—it’s a beautiful collection just waiting to be curated. On your site, you likely organize content by verticals and RSS feeds: food, lifestyle, culture, news, politics, opinion, etc. Flipboard curation allows you to go beyond the vertical to place content in niche collections that can include stories, video, and audio from your own site as well as others. While there are plenty of use cases for Flipboard magazines—keeping up to date on an industry or packaging a content series, for example—one of the most underrated is for evergreen content: posts that might be buried on your site but that, with a little creative re-packaging, can be enjoyed by a whole new audience. For example, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to resurface all those vegan pumpkin-inspired recipes in a collection for our audience (“recipes” is one of the most popular topics on Flipboard) or yours. Another example we love is a definitive collection on any given topic—sneaker culture, indie films, the First Amendment, artisan ice cream—where you curate all your best content around that topic in one place. The glorious thing about this kind of magazine is that it’ll always be interesting and, therefore, always drive engagement. Plus, it allows you to recycle content (we’re all about sustainability). In case you’ve never curated on Flipboard, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create your first collection. It’s pretty easy. Once you get the hang of it, it takes just minutes to create. Now, let’s talk distribution. We’re always looking for cool, new ‘zines to feature on our platform and across social channels. [caption id="attachment_39041" align="aligncenter" width="200"] A recent promotion of Marie Claire’s curation in Flipboard’s Instagram Stories[/caption] But don’t wait for us to promote your masterpiece. You have the best real estate—on your site. Think about it: If someone is reading an article about Kendrick Lamar, they’re probably interested in reading more about his music label and its other artists, like Jay Rock and SZA. If someone is reading about a plant-based recipe, it’s a solid bet they’ll appreciate the opportunity to follow all of your site’s vegan recipes in one place. And, of course, sharing your curation across social channels always helps too. We’ll likely RT/reshare your collection on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Stories if you tag us and we like what we see 😉 — Jessica is curating “Fashion With a Conscience