How to Use Flipboard to Save Your Favorite Recipes

Aileen Lalor / June 10, 2022

Plate with beans, rice, salmon, tomato and herbs on a wooden cutting board. Around it are a napkin, a bowl of cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and small bowl with pesto.

Remember when you used to clip recipes from print magazines and collect them? You knew you were onto a winner when the paper became stained and yellowed, with scribbled-on notes and modifications. 

These days, you might end up Googling every time you want to make something new — and finding it’s nearly impossible to track down that delicious recipe a second time. 

Instead of always going back to square one, why not create a Flipboard magazine to collect your favorites? Think of it as a personal, digital cookbook where you can save recipes. You can keep it to yourself or invite friends and family to join in the fun.

How You Can Make Your Own Recipe Magazine

Wherever you see the +next to a story or recipe, just tap on it. This will prompt you to add it to a magazine. If you don’t have a recipe magazine yet, you can create one at this time. Give it an enticing and unique name like “Curry Obsession or “Cooking Fantastico: Just Desserts” and add a description about your recipe collection. Then simply flip your recipe into your (new) magazine, with or without a comment. If you discover a recipe when browsing on the web, it’s easy to save it using our Flip It extension. 

Share Your Recipe Magazines

Food is better when shared! So once you’ve created your Flipboard magazine and added recipes to it, use the share function to send it to your friends, family, and followers on social media. You can also turn your collection into a group magazine, so others can contribute their recipes too.

For more tips on creating and adding to Flipboard Magazines on iOS, Android and web, visit our FAQ page.

Happy flipping!

— Aileen Lalor, lifestyle editor, is curating Inside Food