A photographer is someone who’s always looking: for ideas, inspiration or ways to improve their craft, which makes the Gift of Flipboard for Photographers the perfect present for the shutterbug in your life. It’s one of 21 gifts we’ll be “uncovering” each day in this blog, as we count down to December 24, when we truly hope you’ll kick back and start enjoying the holidays. Each gift is free and highly likely to cause incessant flipping. We’ve framed our favorite shooters in the Photographers package:

  • Mirrorless: While mirrorless cameras dominate, this magazine’s got great gear advice, technical tips and forward-thinking work to keep any photographer sufficiently salivating.
  • Loupe 35: Associated Press photojournalist Evan Vucci has captured countless historic moments with his lens. Here he’s compiled his favorite documentarian scenes shot by others.
  • Life Behind Glass: As much about the people behind the photographs as the photographs themselves, this magazine will inspire you intellectually and visually.
  • Eric Kim Street Photography: Well known for his amazing eponymous blog, Eric Kim specializes in street photography. If you like hitting the city and spotting gold where others see garbage, read on.
  • The Kage Collective: Photography can be done anywhere by anyone. This magazine is proof of that. For differing perspectives, this group of photographers has curated a magazine of their own work—and whatever else catches their eye.
  • World Photography News: It’s less about looking at photography country by country than realizing that photographers can create their own worlds. Here’s what that looks like.
  • 75Central Photography: There’s something urgent, epic and a little dangerous about the photography curated by travel/landscape photographers 75Central. If you’re like us, you live for this stuff.
  • Visual Storytelling: The photographs in this magazine all tell powerful stories. Find the ones that resonate with you.
  • Film Photography: There’s a reason #filmisnotdead is a popular hashtag on Instagram. Film is experiencing a renaissance. Take a look at this magazine and see the difference for yourself.
  • Beginners Photography: Don’t be fooled by the name, because even pro photographers are always learning. From simple tricks to helpful hacks, this guide to photography is indispensable.
On top of that, the Gift features photography from the likes of The Atlantic and Petapixel and current topics like street photography and DSLR cameras. Give this gift to a photographer today! ~ShonaS is curating Proof of Experience GET FLIPBOARD ON: iOS / ANDROID / WINDOWS / WEB FOLLOW US ON: FLIPBOARD / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK / GOOGLE+ /TUMBLR /YOUTUBE / SOUNDCLOUD / PINTEREST / MEDIUM