Yum! The Recipe Exchange Brings People Together Around Food and Cooking

Mia Quagliarello / December 13, 2022

From sharing treasured recipes to gathering over a meal IRL, there’s no doubt that food is a great unifier. The people in The Recipe Exchange know this and live this. The vibrant space is a friendly, visually appealing way for people who love to cook to swap recipes, share seasonal favorites and bond over food, drink, groceries, kitchens and everything in-between. 

This Flipboard Group Magazine marks the first time we’ve invited many of our best food curators and creators to share stories together in one place. The people here cook and read — a lot! — and add what they find mouth-watering and helpful to the Magazine daily, often adding a caption or comment for context. 

Anyone can follow The Recipe Exchange and add it to their Flipboard, but you must be invited to be able to contribute to the Magazine. (Write to food@flipboard.com to be considered for an invite.) Followers and contributors get a steady stream of hand-selected stories from high-quality publishers and the creators themselves. 

In addition, The Recipe Exchange is a great way to familiarize yourself with who’s active in Flipboard’s foodie community. There are writers and recipe developers, chefs and bakers, vegetarians and meat eaters, carb lovers and aficionados of all kinds … One thing that unites everyone is a passion for food.

Be sure to also follow any individual you connect with. This can be quite fruitful because many people on Flipboard have myriad interests. In other words, if you like someone’s food flips, you might like their photography and travel Magazines as well. Following the person is a way to get all of that goodness in your For You feed. 

So check out and follow The Recipe Exchange and/or write to food@flipboard.com for an invite. 

Mia Q, head of creator community and newsletters, is curating her favorite recipes into a Magazine

P.S. There are also Exchanges for travelers, photographers and the climate-concerned. And if you want to start your own group on Flipboard, it’s easy! This post will tell you all you need to know.