Flipboard Makes Content Marketing Easy—Part 3: Earned Media

Christel van der Boom / April 21, 2016

080416---PESO-EA couple of weeks ago we started a series about the PESO model for content marketing and how it relates to Flipboard. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the “E”—for earned media—on Flipboard.

Traditionally, earned media has been the domain of public-relations experts. To “earn” media attention a company needs to have a good story, or interesting piece of news, to give journalists a reason to write an article.

Peso3-ContentGuideIf your Flipboard Magazine stands out it may earn extra attention in the form of a position in the Content Guide or a recommendation in an interest section.  We have an editorial team whose task it is to unearth the best content and the best curation of Flipboard, and highlight it to readers. The team is responsible for the recommendations in “New and Noteworthy”, “By Our Readers”  and other places inside the app, and also curates Flipboard magazines such as #magswelove and #brandswelove and our popular newsletter 10 for Today.

When you make a magazine and make it public it is automatically indexed on Flipboard. “Indexing” means we try and figure out which of our 34,000 subject topics apply to this magazine. So that if you’re magazine is about, say, snowmobile gear, it might be served into the feeds of people who follow Snowmobiling, Snow Gear, Adventure Sports and Adventure Travel. That assures you of wide distribution.Together with these algorithms and curation by our community, the editorial selections offer a great way to our millions of readers to discover great content.

Want to see some great examples? Visit the FlipMarketer account, where we’re showcasing great examples of content marketing, thought leadership, brochures, company-event magazines and more.

If your company has a magazine on Flipboard, let us know about it by tweeting @FlipMarketer or emailing flipmarketer@flipboard.com. We’re always on the lookout for great examples of content marketing on Flipboard.

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