5 Ways Bilinguals Can Use Flipboard

Inside Flipboard / July 11, 2016

1220x750_international_c-3As a Brazilian immigrant in the U.S., I was amazed when a friend first showed me Flipboard. I said goodbye to daily visits to multiple sites from Brazilian and American publications and to the many news apps downloaded on my phone. I could now read all the news that matter to me in only one place!

I used Flipboard’ search bar to find my favorite feeds in Portuguese and English, and then clicked “Follow” to add the feeds to Cover Stories. Maravilha! I built my personalized bilingual magazine with news and information from American and Brazilian publishers. And I could carry that magazine in my pocket!

Since I first started using the app, Flipboard has localized its content to 25 different countries and regions*, including U.S. Latino, and launched the Magazine feature, enabling anyone to collect and share their favorite articles, photos, videos and audio into beautiful digital magazines.

Flipboard is the ideal platform for bilinguals, expats, international students and people interested in different languages and cultures. Why? Because you can…

  • Read everything in only one place—any content, in any language.
  • Explore international content. Our localized Content Guides offer a handpicked selection of magazines, newspapers and blogs representing key local voices as well as global media outlets. 

Pick your Content Guide edition and go to the search tab to check the New & Noteworthy section and read magazines put together by our local curators on important topics and local news. You can also explore local partner content and some of the best reader-curated magazines created by fans in that region.

  • Use Flipboard as a tool to learn a second language or promote your culture. The Head of French department at a school in Johannesburg curates a magazine with students and colleagues to promote French language and literature; a Brazilian ESL teacher uses Flipboard to discover, organize and share relevant content with students.
  • Build your own bilingual magazine around your passions and interests. A Latino blogger can create a bilingual lifestyle magazine with Latin flair; a German food lover can collect recipes in English and German in one place; and a Spaniard living abroad can curate travel trips to share with family, friends and travelers.
  • Choose from 12 localized editions of our daily news magazineThe Daily Edition. Following the Daily Edition is a great way for expats, international students and those living abroad to catch up on the current events from their home countries in a fast and informative way.

Flipboard is the one place for all your interests—even if they span across multiple countries and languages. Check these amazing magazines on bilingualism, languages and international news, curated by readers around the world.

*Arabic available on Android only.

Beyond Borders by Carol Freire: Bilingualism, multiculturalism and life beyond borders.

Bilingualism, Mother Tongue & Language by Nadine Bailey and Katie Day

The Polyglot Source by The Polyglot Learner: Language learning, bilingualism, and linguistics.

Celebrate Languages! by Richard de Meij: Articles about language-learning/teaching, strategies & research and more.

Interpreting by Bia Valle: Industry news and best practices

Latino Voices by The Huffington Post

2016 Rotary Media Coverage by Rotary International

International News by Associated Press

~CarolF is curating “Beyond Borders”