Video for Every Passion

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/ April 18, 2017

Great stories come in all forms and formats, but there is nothing quite as immediate and visceral as video. Talk about fueling your passions: videos bring a full-on, full-color world to your device. The ease, quality and ubiquity of live, social and on-demand video means that there’s *always* something interesting to watch and share with other enthusiasts.

Our community knows this: Since the launch of Flipboard 4.0 in February 2017, video consumption is up 38% on the platform. Now we are working to expand our offering via more videos from the world’s best publishers, new video-only carousels in Smart Magazines, and the rollout of standard video (VAST) advertising (more on that in our Business blog).

People passionate about the following topics will find new video collections in those Smart Magazines. (You can also follow publishers individually by clicking on their link below and tapping “Follow” on the cover of their magazine.)

If you already have a Smart Magazine on any of these topics, you will see the packages automatically in your feed. You can adjust the settings at the top with the caret.

We’ll be curating more video on Flipboard—for example, today’s 10 for Today email newsletter is our first video-only edition—and we hope you will, too. In addition to flipping videos from the publishers on Flipboard, you can also connect your Flipboard to YouTube to easily curate from there. Let us know about any video Flipboard Magazines out there so we can feature the best (use #MagsWeLove to share your favorites with us on Twitter).

Finally, if you’d rather not have auto-play video turned on, here’s how you shut it off.

~CarolynG is watching Marie Claire videos